Today, industry standards for Cybersecurity are more rigorous and sophisticated than ever, yet hackers are still able to penetrate networks of all varieties of businesses.


All current cybersecurity defense mechanisms suffer from one vital flaw: they can only protect against what they know! 


As long as the malicious program is unfamiliar enough not to be recognized, it is able to penetrate and spread throughout the network, holding a company’s future for ransom, or worse, their clients’ information. 

In virtually all networks, current Cybersecurity measures are designed to first detect every malicious software in order to prevent its spread within the network.

Cyber 2.0 succeeded in breaking this paradigm of detection preceding prevention by using a combination of a smart White List coupled with effective Chaos-based port scrambling communication to ensure that no matter what sort of malicious software penetrates the computer, it won’t be able to do anything over the network.

In short, Cyber 2.0 does not detect, it simply blocks everything except for what you explicitly authorize

Cyber 2.0’s patented software is installed on every local area network source and destination, closing the door to all unauthorized programs.


We use an autonomous agent-based software managed by it's own management server to block unauthorized network traffic.


It only allows authorized programs to create lateral movement inside the organizational network, eliminating the need for communication with any outside server.   

We secure your network using an extremely sensitive algorithm based on mathematical Chaos Theory with constantly changing variables that prevent any kind of spread of malicious programs




The most crucial component of Cyber 2.0’s agent is the patented Chaos Engine, which using the mathematical Chaos Theory, scrambles the network traffic, rendering it unreadable to any computer without the Cyber 2.0 agent. It accomplishes this by using a formula to change the port number of every packet. The receiving computer, bearing its own Chaos Engine uses the reverse formula to unscramble it. The formulas change constantly and are based on several factors that are fluctuating rapidly themselves. Therefore, the smallest change in the program will cause a change in the formula, rendering the data meaningless to the receiving computer. 


Working hand-in-hand with the Chaos engine, Cyber 2.0’s Dynamic List identifies and approves programs used in the protected organizational network and closes the door on all other programs. Additionally, Cyber 2.0 has a patented system that streamlines the process of creating and maintaining the Dynamic List.


Cyber 2.0’s Vortex Gateway protects any device that cannot have a regular Cyber 2.0 agent installed on it. Vortex Gateway can be applied to many different kinds of devices: Traffic Lights, Voting Machines, Cash Registers, Power Plant Controllers, and of course Firewalls. A Cyber 2.0 Vortex Gateway can be installed between the Firewall and the Network Switch, closing the door on any unapproved and program and preventing it from penetrating or leaving the network.





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